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AP Bulletins (May 2004 – present)
Monthly updates and analyses designed to keep Financial Representatives and their clients' other advisors current on legal developments and provide planning ideas to help meet clients' needs. Intended for use with professionals. Replaced Briefs in May 2004.

Planning Ideas (2003 – present)
Creative ideas on irrevocable trusts, estate planning, buy sell planning, deferred compensation and executive benefits to help your clients achieve their goals. Also, critical analyses of some of the more common competitive concepts. Intended for use with professionals, clients and prospects.

In Brief (September 2007 – present)
A fold-over piece summarizing the principles, tax consequences, and uses of common insurance planning arrangements (e.g., the irrevocable trust, the bonus plan, insurance ownership and beneficiary arrangements). Written in plain English, with diagrammatical aids. Intended for use with clients and prospects.

In Depth (April 2003 – present)
A "white paper" on a fundamental advanced planning subject (e.g., deferred compensation, buy-sell, charitable giving) that starts at the basics and builds to a complexity and sophistication to satisfy ardent advanced planners. Authored by well-known third parties or Home Office experts, it hones in on a specific sub-topic or a specialty area, like irrevocable life insurance trusts, ERISA compliance, planning for the disabled, and family limited partnerships. Intended for use with professionals such as attorneys or accountants.

Briefs (April 1994 – April 2004)
A quarterly synopsis and analysis of the latest laws, court cases, IRS rulings, and planning developments. Designed and written for those actively engaged in advanced planning. Replaced by Bulletins in May 2004.

Closers (April 1992 – August 1998)
Periodic updates originally designed to provide that extra information and unique insight to close a sale. Replaced by Planning Ideas. Additional materials are available to Northwestern Mutual personnel on the Advanced Planning Linknet page.

Letters (October 1996 – present)
Written upon major tax law changes, it contains a detailed discussion of the provisions of the new law, as well as observations and planning ideas to help financial representatives determine how the tax law changes may affect their clients. Intended for use with professionals.

This publication is not intended as legal or tax advice. This information was compiled by The Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company. It is intended solely for the information and education and/or promotional purposes of Northwestern Mutual financial representatives and advisors with whom they work. It must not be used as a basis for legal or tax advice, and is not intended to be used and cannot be used to avoid any penalties that may be imposed on a taxpayer. Financial representatives do not give legal or tax advice. Taxpayers should seek advice based on their particular circumstances from an independent tax advisor. Tax and other planning developments after the original date of publication may affect these discussions.

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