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Rate Tables

For detailed information about the valuation of insurance benefit (formerly known as "Value of Economic Benefit" or "VEB") under split-dollar arrangements, see Notice 2002-8, Notice 2002-59, Revenue Ruling 2003-105, and Treas. Reg. §1.61-22(d)(5). For arrangements involving Northwestern Mutual life insurance policies, the guidance provided by these pronouncements is summarized below:

Plans started after January 28, 2002

  • Table 2001 (government-provided table), or
  • Northwestern Mutual’s rate table, which varies depending upon the applicable date for measuring the value of insurance benefit:
    • From January 2016 and beyond, use the 2016 Low Table
    • For previous years, see rate tables below

Plans started on or before January 28, 2002

  • Table 2001 (government-provided table), or
  • Northwestern Mutual’s 2000 Low Table

When To Measure the Value of Insurance Benefit:

Example: Employer owns Northwestern Mutual permanent life insurance policy on key employee’s life with death benefit of $1,000,000. An endorsement split dollar agreement allows employee to name a beneficiary for $400,000 of death benefit. Assuming the employee is a 45 year-old female, the Value of Insurance Benefit is calculated as follows using both the IRS and Northwestern Mutual 2016 low table:

  • The value of insurance benefit is $612 using IRS Table 2001 ($400,000 X $1.53 / 1,000).
  • The value of insurance benefit is $274 using Northwestern Mutual’s 2016 Low Table (100,000 X $1.09 / 1,000 + $300,000 X $0.55 / $1,000).

Links to Rate Tables:

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